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Pope Francis to visit the USA and celebrating Masses in three cities, Philadelphia, New York and Was

Francis to visit the USA and celebrating Masses in three cities,
Philadelphia, New York and Washington.http://www.via214.net/

Pope Francis will be
expected in the United States of September 22 to 27 next, at the same
time the beginning of the General Assembly of the United Nations in
New York. The protection of the head Pontifice was attributed to the
Secret Service, the same that is responsible for the protection of
the American presidential family. Three stops were scheduled in
Washington, New York and Philadelphia, and in every city, the Holy
Father will celebrate a Holy Mass. The last Mass will be held in
Philadelphia, outdoors, before a crowd of two million followers. The
chief Pontifice will be visible in the streets of Washington, after
meeting at the White House with Barack Obama, 10 h 30-11 h 00. The
faithful will see Pope Francis without paying any entrance fee, but
will be obliged to bypass security barriers placed around the main
artery of the capital, near the Mall of the building, open from 4 h
00 local time (6 am in Paris 00 hours) until 10: 00 am (local time)
clarified the archbishopric. Pope Francis will arrive in New York on
the evening of September 24. Throughout the day on September 25 was
described by the Secret Service as "the greatest security
challenges" that this city could know. At a press conference,
the police chief Bill Bratton said there would have ensured the
presence of 170 leaders at the General Assembly of the UN, to be held
from September 27 to October 6 next. "We have never seen
anything like this," warned Bill de Blasio, Mayor of the City of
New York. The authorities of the City of New York, are used to
protect leaders at meetings of this magnitude, as in the General
Assembly of the UN, or when the participation of Barack Obama in 2011
during the celebration of the September 11 attacks. Pope Francis of
travel will take place all along the coast of the island of Manhattan
from the south, with a ceremony at Memorial September 11, continuing
north to Harlem, for the visit of a Catholic school , continuing with
his speech at the UN, the procession in Central Park, and finally a
Mass at Madison Square Garden.

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